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Let’s Explore and Discover the hidden paradise island Nusa Penida !

Nusa Penida is the largest and most exotic of the three Nusa Island, Nusa Penida is becoming the new favourite destination in Bali. The island is way larger than Nusa Lembongan. Nusa Penida should visit for it’s incredible high coastal cliffs, natural infinity pool and yet untouched nature.

Nusa Penida located just off the southern coast of Bali. Although it’s only a short  30-45 minutes boat ride from Sanur Bali, Nusa Penida is still impressively untouristy.


Nusa Penida  Tour

Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach is a hidden beach in the village of Bunga Mekar, on the southwestern coast of Nusa Penida island. You can enjoy one of the most breath-taking views over the hills and small strip of white sand from atop a hill of the same name. Arguably the most photogenic spot we visited on our entire Bali trip, Kelingking Beach is one of those viewpoints that is hard to believe that it’s real when you see it for the first time. This is beautiful – the white cliffs contrast dramatically with the turquoise blue waters.

The cliffs form in the shape of a Tyrannosaurus Rex at Kelingking Secret Point Beach it is bound to be a crowd favourite. Kelingking actually translates into English meaning Pinkie a term referencing the smallest finger on the hand. Just like a pinkie promise, the land does also appear to take the form of a Kelingking or pinkie finger. However, it is the comparison to the T-Rex that has caused this location to become so popular.


Photo by @eunikekristy

Pohon Cinta

There was a (dead) tree at this place called Pohon Cinta or ‘Tree of Love ’.  It was a popular photo spot with the blue sky and ocean in the background. You can climb this tree to see the wonderful view of ocean from here. This is another favorite stop for photographers.


Photo by @ayla_a

Angel’s Billabong

Angel’s Billabong is a spectacular rock formation on Nusa Penida island’s southwestern cliff edges. It’s nearby Pasih Uug (Broken Beach), another popular site with unique limestone formations. The naturally formed rock lagoon offers a scenic seascape.The Angel’s Billabong is one of Nusa Penida’s secret getaways in the form of a marvelous natural infinity pool.

The rock pools are one of the must-sees for visitors to Nusa Penida. The island itself is famous for its beautiful cliffs and pristine coastlines.

With its emerald hues and crystalline waters, the Angel’s Billabong is the epitome of stunning. And apparently, the green floors of this particular infinity pool are so comfortable to walk on (not slippery), it actually feels carpeted, Imagine that! We sure wish we were lounging around at Angel’s Billabong this very moment.


Photo by @oil.langevin

Broken Beach

Pasih Uug Beach or Broken Beach is a tourist area that is very unique. that was once a large cave that collapsed to reveal the crashing blue waves from the Indian Ocean beneath. From the name itself “Pasih Uug Beach” (Balinese language) is defined as damaged beach. Although interpreted thus, this would be a tourist area that is truly unique and attractive.
The destruction of this region to attract extraordinary, panorama on the beach Pasih Uug Beach is very beautiful and quiet. There, we can see the combination of two attractions well as the attraction of green hills and blue sea attractions.


Photo by @felgra_photography

Crystal Bay

Crystal bay is a gorgeous beach in Nusa Penida. The crystal clear water, white sand, palm tree and this magic hammock will make this place one of the most relaxing place of your life. If you want to relax, swim or snorkel on Penida, Crystal Bay is your place! Of all the things to do in Nusa Penida, Crystal Bay is the perfect spot to finish off your Nusa Penida tour. So be sure to save some time at the end of your days to soak up the sun on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.



Photos by @dbyas_dreambeach


Wonderfull beachThe first time I arrived here was really beautiful. What’s more down from the cliff. Very suitable for those of you who like beach 🙂


Photos by @femmiete


The waves hit the cliff at high speed and produced extraordinary splashes of water. Blue water with beautiful brown coral reefs is a very extraordinary object and is a pity to miss. the location that is very easy to reach is also a reason to make Devil’s Tears a list of attractions that must be visited while on vacation to Nusa Lembongan


Photos by @findandsea


This Yellow bridge is a link between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. This bridge is one of the main tourist destinations when visiting the two islands. The color is very striking coupled with the surrounding scenery in the form of water as blue as sapphire is very spoil the eyes


Photos by @kevinncrew


Panorama Point nusa lembongan is the best place to witness the beauty of Nusa Lembongan from the two most exotic heights. Nusa Lembongan has been known by many tourists with its exotic and charming natural beauty. Under the sea Nusa Lembongan The beautiful panorama of the clear blue coast of Jungut Batu Lembongan will be seen by setting the Mount Agung of Bali and Jungut Batu Village as a fast boat dock from Sanur leaning on Lembongan.


Snorkeling Trip Nusa Penida

Photos by @thebaliguideline

Discover the wonderful underwater scenery around Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan
Visit the world famous snorkeling site in Bali with professional guide & get free underwater photoshoot!

Photo by @chrisrogerza

Manta Point

Swim with the Massive Reef Manta Rays of Nusa Penida . This is will be an unforgettable amazing experience!


Underwater Buddha Temple

Discover the underwater Buddha Statue of Nusa Ceningan, It’s very unique spots like a hidden Underwater Temple down here.


Gamat Bay

This snorkeling spot is full of reef fish, colourful coral and crystal water with white sand beach.

You will fall in love with this place!



Mangrove point


Mangrove point

The snorkeling spot many Beautiful fish,blue ocean, good coral, very recomended


Jety point

This point snorkeling very wonderful, you can see big fish swimming around you.


Wall Bay

Snorkeling with fish in wall bay is very nice, it fish very welcome to our guy for snorkeling


Photo by @paulnicklen

Crystal Bay

Crytal bay has icon nusa penida name is Mola-Mola Fish, it is big fish and very unique, wonderfull


Nemo Point Nusa Penida

Nemo point Nusa Penida  located in nusa ceningan island, there place near with Buddha point, snorkeling in there you will meet beautiful nemo fish


SD Point Nusa Penida

Beautiful Point Nusa Penida thare place good coral, and you can meet turtle Nusa Penida